December 2022

photo collage of tinubu, atiku, buhari, wike, obi, kyari and emefiele with a transition of 2022 to 2023

What you might expect in 2023

“Perhaps the biggest electoral blow to the PDP in the South-South will come from Rivers State, the largest PDP vote bank in the region, second in the entire South to Oyo. I forecast, based on what I have heard, that whereas there are less than five billboards of any presidential candidate in main town Port Harcourt as of today, before the end of January, Wike, the most influential of the G-5 governors, will openly declare his support for Tinubu”

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Messi being worn a bisht after the world cup finals game

Western hypocrisy loses in epic Qatar match

Hypocrisy is a flaw embedded not just in the West’s historical relationship of exploitation, slavery and a sense of entitlement, it remains the hallmark of a number of its current engagements with other parts of the world, especially Africa and the Arab world. Yet, a number of fairly recent sporting and social events organised in a number of Western countries bear the same marks of abuses and significant social displacements, over which Qatar was threatened at gunpoint, but which the western press was very pleased to turn a blind eye in its own backyard

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