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A picture of Femi Adesina and his new book titled 'Working with Buhari: Reflections of A Special Adviser, Media and Publicity (2015-2023)'

Reflections on Adesina’s Work with Buhari

If military victory alone could guarantee peace, we might not have had the Second World War. The unfair terms of the Treaty of Versailles, for example, which included territorial annexation, demilitarisation and heavy war reparations, pushed Germany to the brink. It created conditions that led to the rise of Hitler. In its blind and desperate pursuit of the last “aggressive German” in particular, for example, the Allied forces sowed the seed that led to the rise of exactly what they hated the most: the Weimar Republic, and finally, Nazi Germany

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silhouette image of a judge giving judgement in a court room

From the Mouth of His Lordship

Akintan was assigned 52 petitions in Port Harcourt alone. On top of that, the President of the Court of Appeal told him he had to go to Jos for eight pending governorship election petitions, which the president of the court obviously needed a trustworthy judge to handle. To avoid contact with litigants and their lawyers, never mind the felicity of some determined folks even thinking of sending him Sallah ram directly or by proxy as we heard in a recent case in Kano, he moved his base from Port Harcourt to his home town, Idanre, Ondo State

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an image merge of Omoniyi Ibietan and his new book, Cyber Politics – Social Media, Social Demography and Voting Behaviour in Nigeria

Does Social Media Affect Your Voting?

Is it true that social media influencers are ‘motivated to undertake organised campaigns during the election using their platforms, largely due to the need to bring about a better social order?’ It does appear to me (and perhaps this was unique to the 2023 elections) that social media influencers were just a force for good as they were a force for mayhem. The sludge of fake news sometimes unleashed by so-called influencers, not to mention toxicity of the avatars in that space who often insisted it was either their way or the highway, left people like me bereft and alienated

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