picture of godwin obaseki and philip shaibu in a fighting ring

Obaseki and Shaibu Deserve Each Other

Obaseki, the other significant party in this pathetic drama playing out in Edo, is a man of infinite contradictions, whose chameleonic gifts are matched only by his ruthless deployment of power. Against the run of fair play, Oshiomhole imposed him as his successor in 2016, in a self-aggrandising bid to copy the Tinubu-Fashola model in Lagos; he being the Tinubu of Edo, and Obaseki, the former stockbroker from Afrivest, Edo’s Fashola.
The experiment turned out to be a catastrophic fiasco. Barely two years after take-off, the falcon began to defy the falconer, and the monster created in the process now threatens not only the creator but also the supplicant who has dared to challenge it

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