January 2023

Collage of the faces of Nigeria's presidential candidates

Why We Love Expensive Rituals

Asking politicians to legislate campaign manifesto is like proposing to prosecute the goat for the yam kept in its care. It’s never going to work. The good news though, is that as a result of improved demand on service delivery by citizens and other stakeholders, governments in a few states are making conscious efforts to create self-tracking mechanisms, which include monitoring and evaluation units

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silhouette of a police gunman pointing a gun at a female target

Why they shoot friends and spare the enemy

“A senior advocate of Nigeria, Olumide Yinka-Fusika, on a live TV programme was obliged to recommend the outsourcing of the force. While that may sound extreme, only few would argue that the quality and structure of the force is serving anyone other than a privileged few who pay for special police protection and their bosses who profit not just from this elite indulgence but also from other sordid purposes in which they deploy policemen”

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obasanjo in seperate photos with 3 presidential candidates; Tinubu, Obi and Atiku

The Trouble with Obasanjo’s Wish

“It’s a measure of the complexity of the animal called man, that PDP, the party where Obasanjo was alpha and omega for eight years, was – and apparently remains – unable to provide a pathway for Igbo presidency. APC, the Siamese of the PDP, has fared even worse. Ironically, it is the Labour Party, the child of political necessity whose roots and forebears Obasanjo sought to crush, that has produced the cornerstone of his newfound affection”

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