an image of Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer imposed on a backdrop of the British parliament interior

Rishi Sunak’s Next Life

When it was time to replace Boris Johnson, the country that copied Piper’s art from Egypt and popularised it didn’t need anyone to tell the Tory party that handing over the keys of Number 10 to Sunak could signal the echo of an unfamiliar tune. They kicked the idea of having Piper Sunak further down the road. Instead, they settled for Liz Truss, a former rebel and basher of the Crown, but a Brit, through and through, to lead the party. Truss didn’t last; her incompetence threatened to bring Britain to its knees. The Tories soon got rid of her, but apart from further endangering the British economy, her brief reign had also emboldened the Labour Party. Keir Starmer, Labour leader and the next British Prime Minister, is a gift to Britain from Tory hubris

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an image of Abiola, Obasanjo and Tinubu

A Reckoning in June

We don’t need foreign newspapers to tell us. The daily lives of most Nigerians today, whether at home, school, work, or in the market, tell the story unedited. And folks are beginning to ask, first in whispers and now in louder, angrier tones, what is the point of democracy that does not put food on the table?

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An image of senegalese president Bassirou Diomaye Faye and Emmanuel Macron

Faye and France: The Tyre Meets the Road

From Mali to Burkina Faso and from Guinea to Niger, France has become a dirty word, even though the elite in these countries are too ashamed to admit there’s nothing France has done without their helping hand. France is not just a metaphor for underdevelopment. You’ll be forgiven to think it’s probably also the reason some formerly virile folks in the former colonies have lost their libido. It’s not a laughing matter

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Anamero Dekeri, Monday Okpebholo, dennis Idahosa, all apc edo governorship primaries winners

APC Digging Its Own Grave in Edo

The result of the party’s “inconclusive” primaries on Saturday showed that the surprise came early. From reports, Oshiomhole, APC’s certified nemesis in Edo, managed to suborn forces in the Presidency to hand over the party’s flag to Dennis Idahosa – a candidate that Oshiomhole’s government had once described as “untrustworthy,” the most flattering of the government’s description at that time.

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an image of herders in uniform and their cattle grazing

Miyetti Allah Vigilante Mocks Elite Hypocrisy

It would be a mistake to think that this once mostly feared and despised association of herdsmen and the police are in bed after only one evening of flirting. Of course, Miyetti Allah may have been motivated more by group self-interest, relevance, and survival. But the dalliance with the police, the indifference of the main press, and the muted public response are not an accident

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photo mix of the governors of Kano, Plateau, Zamfara, Lagos, Bauchi, Abia, Ebonyi and Cross River with a backdrop of the supreme court

The Road to Thanksgiving

Jurisprudential jiggery pokery has a very long history in Nigeria, even though it wasn’t always rampant or brazen. It was with a heavy, tormented heart, for example, that Justice Fatai Atanda-Williams said the judgment of the Supreme Court in the famous case of Awolowo v Shagari in 1979 was never to be cited as precedent. Today, the Supreme Court has made so many conflicting and confusing judgments that even if it were to make exemptions it would find itself too entangled in the knot of its own self-inflicted misery to know where or how to start

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