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an image of a natural woman and the same image of her heavily photoshopped

Photoshopping Princess and The Perils of Manipulation

What’s the point of it, really? Since the outbreak of the so-called Kate pic scandal, I have been brooding over images that I see very often as DPs and also on WhatsApp Status. I’m keeping myself to that microblogging site and the mainstream press. No need to bother with Insta, probably the worst photographic crime scene since Joseph Niepce invented the camera

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an image of Benjamin Netanyahu with a depiction of a boy growing from child to adult as a hamas soldier, on a backdrop of a war scene

In Pursuit of the Last Hamas

If military victory alone could guarantee peace, we might not have had the Second World War. The unfair terms of the Treaty of Versailles, for example, which included territorial annexation, demilitarisation and heavy war reparations, pushed Germany to the brink. It created conditions that led to the rise of Hitler. In its blind and desperate pursuit of the last “aggressive German” in particular, for example, the Allied forces sowed the seed that led to the rise of exactly what they hated the most: the Weimar Republic, and finally, Nazi Germany

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a crystal ball with the cityscape of Nigeria, and 2024 written in the crystal.

What You Might Expect in 2024

In 2023, we had four years’ worth of politics in one year. Apart from a number of senior lawyers in particular who also made four years’ worth of money in one year, swathes of the political elite are broke, exhausted, and stranded. In 2024, they would be desperate for rehabilitation. Otherwise, their teeming supporters will dissipate, and their misery will be complete. Before June, some top politicians who had been discreetly reaching out to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu for favours, would be obliged to take their fate in their own hands and pursue their ambition more openly and less shamelessly. By the end of the year, the scramble for presidential favours would leave an already fragmented opposition in a shambles

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a split image of a capsized boat on the sea with migrants trying to survive and an image of the oceangate titan submarine inside water on it's way to the titanic

Titan and Migrants: Two Tragedies, Different Stories

From the way the networks covered the two accidents, you would be forgiven to think that they had weighed both and concluded that the lives of the 750 migrants mattered less, if they mattered at all. It was not an issue that the number of migrants who died in the Mediterranean on June 14 was over one-third of the fatality when RMS Titanic struck an iceberg on its maiden voyage in 1912

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pictures of Buhari and Atiku on both sides of Donald Trump (in the middle)

Why Trump’s Trial Doesn’t Make America Special

It would have taken extraordinary nerve for the government under Buhari to formally bring charges against Abubakar, his main rival and leading opposition candidate on the eve of the elections. And even if Buhari’s government succeeded in doing so, it would have been interesting to hear what the US and other Western countries would have said…It is difficult to imagine that the prosecution would come up with this raft of charges against Trump – and press them in court now – if he was not interested in running again in the 2024 elections

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photos of King Charles sandwiched by Rishi Sunak and Sadiq Khan on his right; Leo Varadkar (Ireland Prime Minister); and Humza Yousaf, leader of the SNP, on his left

A British Example in Our Rascally Times

The presidential candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar, for example, campaigned in the South East that he deserved their vote because he has an Igbo wife. And then, to the embarrassment of his Igbo wife, he went to the North to say, “only a Northern president can best serve the interest of Northerners.” Others are on their own.

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