nyesom wike

a photo of nyesom wike with arrows projecting towards him

The Trials of Nyesom Wike

Happening on Wike’s 56th birthday, it was the most unlikely birthday present from the government of Siminalayi Fubara…If Wike was good enough to carry the governor through the dark, difficult days of their trials together when some of the governor’s ardent supporters today didn’t know him from Adam, the governor should be the last person to hang his benefactor out to dry so quickly

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An image of fct minister, nyesom wike, imposed on an image of gumi sitting with bandits

Gumi’s Extremism Shames Decency

His most deadly venom was not for Wike. It was for Tinubu, the enabler of the “Satan” called Wike, and the hundreds of smaller Southern devils of all faiths roaming the woods of the country in a murderous rampage since 1966 but who have resurged with Tinubu’s election, holding the trigger. Their poor, dispossessed Northern compatriots are left to occupy empty shells as offices. This translation is a mild version of what Gumi said

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